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Is an unique space in Lisbon offering a fusion of body & mind training classes and restorative therapies under one roof.

Our studio offers both immersive Yoga and strength training classes, which complement each other for a strong, lean and healthy body.

Cornerstone is created with heart and the intention to make people fall in love with themselves.

We do everything to motivate you to create a new lifestyle through a conscious approach to yourself and your body.

Take a vacation of body exploration, transformation and movement.

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In this non-stop moving and hectic world, we all need that positive and safe space where we can stop for a moment, connect with ourselves, find strength and confidence, be inspired and motivated. That’s what Cornerstone is here for – supporting you on your journey to truly feel well and be well.
Cornerstone is the urban space you've dreamed about. It’s beautiful holistic, yoga and fitness studio in Lisbon.
We have fab new, fresh, clean and relaxing studio space, showers and changing facilities, we are doing everything for you to feel comfortable.
We’re proud to host and work with the amazing, high quality teachers.
No machines, just compassionate and magic people, who want to share their love of fitness, their great experience, knowledge and passion for their subject,so you can find a class and teacher that suits you.

Our classes



We dedicated to make yoga affordable ,accessible and welcoming to everybody.
The beautiful thing about yoga is that it’s for everybody...

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Mindfulness. Meditation

Meditation classes is your guide to health and happiness.
Learning to meditate is like learning any other skill...

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Classes for adults and children, body size and age don’t matter.

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It’s a true total body workout.
Increase your strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance and core...

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Built around music, our barre classes.
Use the most effective elements of Pilates, resistance...

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High intensity interval training is an alternation between high and low intensity exercises and short periods of rest. ...

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We give you the best possible recovery Ease away stresses and restore balance to the body with our wide range of massage treatment.
From sports massage, to aromatherapy and hot stones massage, you’ll find the perfect treatment for you at Cornerstone.
Tell us what you prefer to feel better about body and mind.

Cornerstone is dedicated to helping people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives on every level. Alongside classes, you can also enjoy a broad range of complementary treatments to help you be your healthiest self, from the inside out.

Our instructors


Catarina Lino

Positive psychology coach
Yoga Medicine Teacher


Lena Sundermeier

fitness trainer
sports therapist


Pedro Barbosa

yoga teacher
fitness trainer



Yoga teacher
surf instructor

Fitness bar

Visit our nutrition bar for an energising smoothie, juice or salad either before or after your class
We want to make sure you get the most out of your Cornerstone workout by fuelling you with soulful, nourishing and restorative drinks and meal that will help achieve your goals.

Our price

single class


  • Attend any daily group session
  • No booking required
  • Caters to all classes
5 classes


  • Attend any daily group session
  • No booking required
  • Caters to all classes
10 classes


  • Attend any daily group session
  • No booking required
  • Caters to all fitness levels
unlimited month


  • Attend any daily group session
  • No booking required
  • Caters to all fitness levels
individual class


  • Attend any classes
  • booking required
  • Caters to all fitness levels

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